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2022 in Bremen
Rock Project Vol. 7
Meisenfrei Bluesclub


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Meisenfrei Bluesclub

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'Swedish-German Rock Project'

Once upon a time....

there were some musicians standing around the 'Kulturbunker Vulkan' a place in the North of Bremen/Germany near the Weser River where the great ships were built in the past. Now the bunker is home of various rock bands of different musical styles. And the musicians enjoying the sun out of the bunker were talking about this and that, musicians stuff. And they were talking about the way of exchanges with other musicians in other countries and about the way to play some gigs abroad and to attract foreign bands to Germany.

Thommi, guitarist of the band 'Shiloblaengare' had various contacts to Sweden. And what was important too, he has a good knowledge of the Swedish language.

So the idea was born..

It was easy to find a place where such things could take place. Peter the boss of the Meisenfrei Blues Club always listens to the ideas of local musicians and tries to integrate new bands and projects in the program of the club.

Starting up

At first a band from Falun, the 'Billion Dollar Babies' reached the North German Plain in August of 2013 to play a concert at Meisenfrei Blues Club. Then it happened in quick succession. The rock project from know was called 'German-Swedish Friendship'.

On May 17, 2014 the project was first time held under its name, when the 'Rebels' from the beautiful swedish island Gotland came to Bremen. They rocked together with 'Shiloblaengare' (a minor miracle that this band from Bremen wears a Swedish name:) the Blues Club. Shortly thereafter, in August Shiloblaengare went to Sweden to play on the Suderfestivalen, Garda, Gotland (16. August 2014 – 17. August 2014) together with 'Rebels' and various other Swedish bands.

The event at the Blues Club was repeated on July 13, 2015 in the same occupation.
On May 14, 2016 we had with Hekatomb and Rebels two bands from Sweden playing a stunning rock showto an enthusiastic audience.

At least we can invite you all now to the

'4th Swedish-German Rock Project'
on 2017.

The party will be back. Have fun, enjoy it, it gets louder again.

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